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"Please join Master Maine Guide Karen Bemis
 to hunt the king of all game birds"

"Our hunts are fun and fast  paced. We look forward  to enjoying a memorable autumn day
in the Maine woods with you."

Happy Trails

Our Maine bird hunting guide service, Alder Stream Guides, is located in the western foothills of Stow surrounded by pristine forest and abundant farmland. Our upland game hunting provides plentiful covers and untracked areas making this corner of Maine a bird hunter's dream. Please join Master Maine Guide Karen Bemis to hunt the king of all game birds, the ruffed grouse, and enjoy a thrilling afternoon chasing the elusive Timberdoodle, better known as a Woodcock. The Woodcock covers have residential and flight birds that return year after year. Our gun dogs are seasoned veterans of the sport and are trained by us to accommodate your needs. We work Labrador Retrievers which are great flushing dogs.

The hunt is an all day affair starting out at 8-8:30 and ending around 4-4:30. The timing will be agreed upon when the trip is booked. The hunt itself is a walking trip. It will be a leisurely walk down an old logging road, snowmobile trail, farmland or a trip through the woods following the dog and his good nose. Each hunt is customized to fit the specific needs of the client. The hunt is best suited for 1 to 2 people with the rate per day being $300.00 with a $100.00 deposit required upon booking. Lunch and drinks are included in the rate for the hunt. If you request a third person in the hunting party, it will be an extra $75.00 per day.

Be sure to bring a current hunting license, an old hunting license or a hunter safety card. Waterproof boots, deer hunters orange hat and vest are a must. Also, a compass and rain gear are recommended.

Alder Stream Guide Service

Karen & Eben Bemis

558 Union Hill Road - Stow, Maine 04037

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